2nd Transnational Partner Meeting in Goettingen

2nd Transnational Partner Meeting in Goettingen

On April 7-8, 2022 the 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM) took place at the Georg-August-University Göttingen in Germany. Representatives of all partner institutions came to Goettingen to discuss recent milestones achieved as well as next steps.

The meeting focused on the outcome of the first project stage (Intellectual Output 1 – Development of the Curriculum) and it’s implications on the development of the didactical concept (IO 2) and the teaching material (IO 3) for the envisaged LL.M. At the same time, the next steps in the accreditation process for the LLM program were discussed.

Regarding the second intellectual output (Guidelines on Didactics, Evaluation and Sustainable Improvement) the online training already started, preparing teaching staff for the upcoming staff training event in Lithuania. During the TPM the partner also talked about their experiences with this preparatory online training and about their didactical approaches in their teaching practice. As a “special guest” of the TPM a postgraduate LL.M. student from Goettingen joined the meeting and shared her experiences as a postgraduate student with the project team and provided feedback to various didactical aspects.

Besides the upcoming staff training event a major topic of the 2nd TPM was the intensive learning program taking place in Austria in the first week of September 2022. This “summer school” will offer students from all partner universities the opportunity to get a first glimpse of the DDM4SME teaching methods and contents. The team selected highlights from the LL.M. modules, drafted a schedule and list of possible lectures (project staff and external experts) for the summer school. During the summer school a selection of developed didactical methods and teaching material will be tested and evaluated. The feedback from students and involved lecturers will be considered as an important source of information for improving concepts and materials. To learn more about the summer school please visit the >Summer School< page.

Finally, all participants express thanks to Prof Wiebe and Andriy Ilyuk for organizing and hosting a highly productive TPM in Goettingen. The team had a great time in Goettingen.