This was the DDM4SME Summer School 2022 on Data Economy Law

This was the DDM4SME Summer School 2022 on Data Economy Law

During the year 2022, the DDM4SME project made huge steps towards the final goal, to create a new and multidisciplinary LLM on Data Economy Law. One major milestone within the project should be the DDM4SME Summer School 2022 on Data Economy Law. During an intensive three-week learning event with a blended learning design, selected parts from four content modules of the future LLM (Fundamentals of IP and ICT Law, Fundamentals of Data Protection Law, Fundamentals of transnational Business Law and Innovation Management and IP Strategy) should be presented to students for the first time. On the one hand this Summer School should offer interested students the possibility to dig deeper into the field of current legal issues regarding digitization. On the other hand, the DDM4SME team can gather important feedback for the final pedagogical and content-based design of the future LLM on Data Economy Law.

The Summer School started on Monday, August 22nd with an online Kick-Off event. Students from all over the world, enrolled at one of the four project partner universities were welcomed by the DDM4SME team. It followed a first introductory round so that all the participants got an idea with whom they will spend the next three weeks. After the Kick-Off the students participated in their first tutoring session and were introduced to respective legal cases and questions, which every group must present at the end of the Summer School.

During the first two remote weeks, reading material and self-assessment tests were provided on the Summer School online course platform. The students were able to learn wherever they like and whenever they like. The positive results of the self-assessment tests and the first feedback round showed that the majority of the students had no problem with structuring their learning time but enjoyed the flexibility and independence from a conventional schedule.

After two successful online weeks all the students met at Sunday 4th September in the beautiful village of Reichenau an der Rax/ Austria at the foothills of the Austrian alps. In course of the onsite-phase, lecturers from universities and enterprises strengthened the understanding of the students regarding the four main topics. In addition, every day the participants worked within their assigned group on their case presentation, guided and supported by a tutor. Besides the intense learning program, the Summer School also offered time to socialize and to make new friends. On the third day, most of the participants took the opportunity for a little hike up to “Speckbacher Hütter”, enjoying the great landscape and authentic Austrian food. One day before our final day of case presentations, the DDM4SME team and the students came together for a wine tasting to celebrate the shared time and experiences of the last three weeks.

The students not only put effort towards lectures and the group work, but also actively participated in the DDM4SME video challenge. The videos cover the impressions of the Summer School and can be accessed with the following link: Go to the videos!

After the group presentations on the last day, all successful participants received a certificate worth 3 ECTS for completing the summer school. Finally the team had to say goodbye but everybody was happy for the experience of these three fantastic weeks of learning and having a great time together.

Comments on the DDM4SME Summer School 2022 on Data Economy Law

The DDM4SME Summer School was a great way to get in touch with new people and strengthen bonds for the future career.” (Student)

By participating in this learning program, I have realized for the first time, that a mix between remote learning and on-site education can be really beneficial for me. I hope this approach will be used by other institutions as well soon.” (Student)

I hope such a program will be available next year as well. It was great to meet people all around the world and to make new friends. It was my first time in this area of Austria and for me all this impressive nature is the perfect place to stay focused.” (Student)

I am really looking forward to the final LLM on Data Economy Law because it would perfectly support my future career plans. Especially the blended learning design offers so many benefits.” (Student)

The preparatory phase prior to my lecture was great for my presentation. I was able to cut off a lot of the introductory parts and could offer more interesting and detailed content to the audience.” (Lecturer)

It is fantastic to see that so many students are interested into data economy law and work with such dedication on their cases. I think the DDM4SME approach really fits into the current needs of students and ongoing lawyers.” (Lecturer)