The Curriculum: LL.M. Data Economy Law

The DDM4SME project is structured into so called Intellectual Uutputs or IO. All IOs together add up to the finished LL.M course. Currently the first IO, the curriculum of the course, is close to finalization.

As a result from expert feedback the consortium decided brand the LL.M. Program with a clear, modern and self-explanatory name: LL.M. Data Economy Law

The curriculum is the basis for further proceedings and work on the didactic guidelines (IO 2) and the design of the course modules (IO 3). During the first desk research the team concluded that there are several graduate programs available with an IT and law focus or a technical and management focus but no program which targets all of the three aspects, from IT to law to management. This combination was from now on the goal of the DDM4SME curriculum.

After national and international interviews with focus groups (potential students and employers) about what the main point of teaching should be, the team decided to divide the curriculum into 3 subsections or modules (Fundamental Knowledge, Data-Driven Management and Law and the Master Thesis).

To learn more about the Curriculum visit: The LL.M. Program