Accreditation of the New Master Program “Data Economy Law, LL.M.”

After weeks of effort and perseverance, of all DD4SME partners we are proud to share the latest developments in the establishment of the highly anticipated master program, “Data Economy Law, LL.M.”

On 11.4.2023, the Senate of the University for Continuing Education convened and successfully enacted the regulations to support the implementation of our new master program. This represents a major milestone in our institution’s commitment to providing quality education and staying at the forefront of academic excellence.

In addition, we are delighted to unveil the final version of the LL.M. leaflets. The folder provides a comprehensive overview of the LL.M. program and will be available at all future DDM4SME events.

On the occasion of these successes, we would like to thank all those involved for their intensive commitment to our project and the good cooperation between all partners.